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The son- in -law
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A young Afro-American man falls in love with an African student in New York. Six months later the young couple get married. They take vacation in order to go to Africa, so that there they can have the traditional African wedding expected of them. The newly-weds arrive in triumph, as the bride is a princess, to the great joy of the young husband. The wedding is announced. The whole kingdom invests in making the marriage a total success.
Thousands of people attended the wedding. It was then that the time came for the husband’s sacred bath. The bathers were stupefied to discover that Bryan, the young groom, was not circumcised! A horrified bather broke away from the group and went off to report the news to the king,

The king, shocked, ordered the ceremonies suspended immediately. Postponed indefinitely. It was a serious moment, as according to Raumi1 custom, Bryan’s condition would beget unhealthy offspring unfit to rule.
In secret, the king summoned his extraordinary council. The outcome of this was that twelve young people of marriageable age were to join the young husband in his circumcision. The young men were chosen, as were their future wives. The king ordered the building of a large hut in the middle of a forest plagued by all manner of wild beasts, a hundred kilometres away from the village. Once the hut was finished, the ceremonies could begin, under the watchful eye of the fearsome Wanzam, the master of the ceremony of circumcision. The king fixed the resumption of the ceremonies for three months’ time. The wedding guests were thanked and sent away. Bryan’s circumcision was now imminent and irreversible.































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